Diaspora : the appropriation of the Berber identity by the Arabized


For time a reactionary wave has seized the intellectual circles. In the Anglo-Saxon world, these followers of social struggles and victimization are called “woke”, meaning, “conscious”. Seeing absolutely a cause to be defended, many address poignant subjects, very superficially. The struggles intermingle and the appearance of a new terminology complicates the understanding of these. On social networks, African-Americans are heard and their causes become the main concerns of these “conscious” people. Discrimination, and more particularly negrophobia, is denounced. From this vocabulary described earlier, many terms, like “People Of Color” appeared.  The supporters are mostly from diasporas. Following a fairly precise pattern of victimhood, a popularization of history takes place. The aim is clear, to make history binary where the West is the oppressor, and the appreciable rest plays the role of oppressed. Today a phenomenon resulting from this movement appears in the Maghrebi diaspora : the appropriation of the Berber identity by the Arabized.

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